Farningham WW1 memorial


Wm Hyde Eagleson Gordon Lt Gd Hlds

George Wm Gregory  KRR

James Wm Barrell RN

Samuel Edward Stevens  KRR

Gilbert Johnson Barton RN

Walter Fredk Turner  KRR

Robert Henry Mills RN

Thomas William Moore  Glos

William Ernest Couchman RGA

Hugh Allen Smith Middx

Herbert Drury RMLI

Herbert John Spier Queens

Frederick Walter Dunmall LNDN Regt

Walter Ephraim Spier  E.Surrey

Frank Arthur Seaker LNDN Regt

Cornelius Wm Tallett RWK

Alfred Thomas Wingate LNDN Regt

Herbert Thurnall  RWK

Edward Jeffery MCN GN Sec

Wm Edward Whiffin RWK


Wm Hyde  Eagleson Gordon Lt Gd Hlds

Lieutenant William Hyde Eagleson Gordon 8th Battalion Gordon Highlanders.

William was serving with the 8th Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders. This unit was part of the 15th Division. On 25th/26th September his unit was attacking Loos. William was shot in the head and evacuated to 1st British Red Cross  hospital at Le Touquet. He died of a skull fracture and head injuries on 30th September 1915.

William lived at Dubrae, Farningham.

William was the son of Maj Archibald Alexander Gordon, CBE, MVO and Maude Gordon of Monksbarn, Maugersbury, Stow in the Wold, Glos. He was born at Coalstoun, East Lothian. He was educated at Hailsbury and SidneySussexCollege, Cambridge. He was studying for Holy Orders at the time of the war reaking out. I wonder if he was a curate or trainee vicar of FarninghamChurch, there are no other connections with Farningham.

William is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery, France in Plot 1 Row B and Grave 17 .

James Wm   Barrell RN

237068 James William Barrell Leading Seaman

Royal Navy.

James was serving on board HMS India when this ship was sunk off of the island of Hellevoer near Bodo, Norway. The India had a complement of 301, in this sinking 10 officers and 150 men were lost.

James body was not recovered and his name appears on the Chatham Memorial.

James was the son of William and Deborah Barrell of 49 High Croft Cottages, Swanley Junction.

Gilbert Johnson Barton RN

S100 Gilbert Johnson Barrell Able Seaman Royal Navy.

Gilbert was serving on board HMS Cressy when this ship was sunk on 22nd September 1914. This was one of three cruisers sunk by U9 in the north sea on that day in the famous 3 before breakfast attack.

Gilberts body was not recovered and his name appears on the Chatham Memorial.

Gilbert was the son of William and Catherine Barton of Chatham.

Robert Henry   Mills RN 

K23500 Robert Henry Mills Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy.

Robert was serving on board HM Submarine G9 when the submarine was sunk by mistake on 16th September 1917 off of Norway.

Roberts body was not recovered hence his name appears on the Chatham Memorial.

Robert was the son of Robert and Alice Mills of 1 Button St, Swanley Junction.

William Ernest Couchman RGA

74318 William Ernest Couchman Gunner

23rdBattery Royal Garrison Artillery.

William Died of wounds at home on 3rd March 1918.

William is buried in the churchyard of Farningham church, in the south east part.

William was the son of Jesse and Ruth Couchman of 2 Holt Place, Farningham .

Herbert Drury RMLI

CH18765 Pte Herbert Drury Royal Marine Light Infantry.

Herbert was serving in Chatham Battalion of the Royal Naval Division in Gallipoli.

Herbert Died on 8th June 1915.

 It is not stated whether he died of wounds or of disease, but most casualties evacuated to Egypt as Herbert was tended to have Enteric.

Herbert Lived at 28 Highcoft Cottages, Swanley Junction.

Interestingly Herberts religion is listed as being a Baptist, yet is remembered in a C of E church.

Herbert is buried in Alexandria (Chatby) Military and WarMemorialCemetery, in Row M grave 122.

Frederick Walter Dunmall LNDN Regt

703480 Pte Frederick Walter Dunmall of the 23rd Battalion of the London Regiment.

Frederick was Killed in Action 9th December 1917 when his unit was serving on the Cambrai front.

Frederick was the son of Mr and Mrs Jeremiah Dunmall.

Fredericks body was not recovered and his name is on the Arras Memorial

Frank Arthur Seaker LNDN Regt

553454 Frank Arthur Seaker of the 16th Battalion of the London Regiment 9 Queens Westminster Rifles)

Frank was Killed in action on the 16th August 1917 when the Queens Westminster part of the 56th Division assaulted Polygon wood during the battle of Passchendaele.

Frank was the son of William and Charlotte Seaker of 46 Highcroft Cottages, Swanley Junction.

Franks body was not recovered and his name is listed on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.

Alfred Thomas Wingate LNDN Regt

5358 Alfred Thomas Wingate of D company of 21st Battalion of the London Regiment.

Alfred was Died of Wounds on 21st December 1916 whilst serving with the 47th Division in the Ypres Salient.

Alfred was the son of William Henry and Ellen Wingate of 2 Bridge Cottages, Farningham.

Afred is buried in WoodsCemetery near Ypres, in Plot 3 Row A grave 11.

 Edward Jeffery MGN GN Sec 

Pte Edward Jeffery 71226 89th company, Machine Gun Corps. Killed in action 31st July 1917.

Edward was killed in the first day of the battle of Passchendaele when the 30th Div in which he belonged  attacked StirlingCastle just east of Hooge.

Sone of Frederick and Sarah Ann Jeffery. 4 Bath Cottages, Swanley Junction. These were the neighbours of my uncle Bill.

Edward is buried  in Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium

Plot 63 Row G Grave 19. 

George Wm Gregory    KRR 

Samuel Edward Stevens  KRR

R34245 Rifleman Samuel Edward Stevens 11th Battalion King Royal Rifle Corps.

On the 20th September 1917 Samuels battalion attacked Eagle Trench near Ypres. He was badly wounded and died on the 25th September 1917.

Samuel was the son of William Henry and Mary Ann Stevens of Maplescombe Farm Cottages, Farningham.

Samuel is buried in Bard Cottage Cemetery Between Boesinge and Ypres, in Plot 3 Row H Grave 17.

Walter Fredk Turner    KRR 

57492 Rifleman W.F.Turner 18th Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

Turner died on 27th October 1918 whilst in captivity in Germany. At this particular time the Spanish flu was sweeping through Europe and had a preponderance for causing pneumonia. Many prisoners who were mal nourished succumbed easily to the effects of flu.

Turner is buried at Cologne Southern Cemetery in Plot 8 Row E Grave 18.

Thomas William Moore    Glos

8721 Private Thomas William Moore 8th Battalion Gloucestershire Regt.

Thomas was Killed in Action on 3rd July 1916 when the 19th Division in which Thomas’ unit belonged was attacking astride the Albert-Bapaume road. The Glosters got into the edge of Pozieres but were hit by a violent counter attack and bombardment. Thomas was killed in this.

Thomas was the son of Mr and Mrs H.E.Moore of 18 Highcroft Cottages, Swanley Junction.

Thomas’ body was not recovered and his name is listed on the Thiepval memorial.

Hugh Allen Smith Middx

95386 Private Hugh A Smith of 1st Battalion the Middlesex Regt.

Hugh was killed in action on 23rd October 1918 during the final advance to victory.

Hugh is buried in Romeries Communal Cemetery Extention in Plot 3 Row D grave 4.

Herbert John Spier Queens

L10035 Private Herbert John Spier 1st Battalion The Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment.

Hugh was killed in the Battle of Passchendaele aged 30. He was a regular soldier and already been awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field.

Herbert was the son of James and Sarah Spier of 2 Mary Villa, Farningham. His brother Walter was also killed.

James body was not recovered and his name is listed on the Tyne Cot memorial.

Walter Ephraim Spier    E.Surrey

38119 Private Walter Ephraim Spier  of 8th Battalion the East Surrey Regiment.

Walter was killed in action 25th October 1918 in the advance to victory.

Walter was the son of James and Sarah Spier of 2 Mary Villas, Farningham and was the younger brother of Herbert.

Walters body was never recovered after the war and his name is listed on the Vis en artois memorial.

Cornelius Wm Tallett RWK

My Great Uncle Bill!!!!

G41660 Corporal William Tallett 17th Battalion The Middlesex Regiment.

William was killed in action 2nd December 1917 at Moevres during the German counter attack at Cambrai, during this action his Captain McDiamaid received the Victoria Cross.

Williams body was not recovered and his name is listed on the Louveral Memorial.

William left a wife and 4 sons at Bath Villas, his parents lived at 29 Highcroft Cottages.

For some reason William was known as Cornelius, and he is listed as C.Tallett on the Swanley and Farningham memorials.

He has previously served since 1910 in the Swanley company of the 5th Royal West Kent Regiment, and was transferred to the Middlesex Regt when in France.

The Dartford Newspaper published the following account:

Mrs Tullett of 2 Bath Cottages Main rd, Swanley Junction on Monday evening received a letter from Capt R.A.Hornby officer comandigstating that her husband Cornelius Tullett aged 32 Middlesex Regt had been killed on 2nd inst.

Corpotal Tullett was for 5 years before the war in the Swanley District Territorials and was in camp when mobilisation took place in August 1914.  He leaves a widow and four children, and was the son of Mr and Mrs P.Tallett of Highcroft Cottages, Swanley. He had been in France for about 13 months and prior to being sent to the western front served for some time in the defence corps at home ( 3rd R.W.Kents).

Captain Hornby writes as follows:-

Corporal C Tullett was killed in action on the 2nd inst. He was killed by a minenwerfer in the front line during the course of a very hostile bombardment precedent to an attack. Your husband was always a most cheerful, gallant and willing soldier and his loss is greatly felt by the company and the battalion.

Rest in Peace Bill



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